Dave: 2014 Idents

On 29 April 2014 Dave’s presentation was refreshed. New idents and miscellaneous presentation was introduced. The existing logo and familiar soundtrack are retained. The new look was created by Red Bee Media.

Airport ident Cat © UKTV

Airport ident Dishes © UKTV

Airport ident Chicken © UKTV

Bar ident © UKTV

Cockerel ident © UKTV

Darts ident Kebab © UKTV

Darts ident Cactus © UKTV

Darts ident Sword © UKTV

Golf ident Kiddy cart © UKTV

Golf ident In this version the Kiddy cart falls over © UKTV

Bowls ident Hamster © UKTV

Bowls ident The hamster travels in a different direction in this version © UKTV

Bowls ident A third version © UKTV

Horse ident © UKTV

Horse ident In this second version the horse has been clamped © UKTV

Bicycles ident Jetski © UKTV

Bicycle ident Bumper car © UKTV

Bicycle ident Canoe © UKTV

Sushi ident Luggage © UKTV

Sushi ident Groceries © UKTV

Sushi ident Skis © UKTV