3e: 2009 Idents & Presentation

On the 1st of January 2009, Channel 6 was rebranded to 3e. The new look was commissioned by TV3’s Teresa Murray who chose Image Now to create the new look. TV3 was also rebranded at this time.


3e Bounce Ident 2009 © TV3 Group

3e Fire Ident 2009 © TV3 Group

3e UEFA Ident 2012 © TV3 Group
A special football ident for use before European football.

3e Switch Ident 2013 © TV3 Group
Three new idents were introduced from January 2012 – Spray can, Trampoline and Switch.

3e Uploaded Ident 2012 © TV3 Group
Uploaded is an entertainment show featuring funny viral internet clips.

3e Dairy Ident A 2012 © TV3 Group
In December 2012 the National Dairy Council launched a major advertising campaign, promoting milk farmed in the Republic of Ireland. As part of this campaign the NDC sponsored 3e, two special idents were created which aired once each hour on the channel.

3e Dairy Ident B 2012 © TV3 Group

3e Trampoline Ident 2013 © TV3 Group

3e Spray Can Ident 2013 © TV3 Group

3e Tallafornia Takeover Ident 2013 © TV3 Group
The cast of Tallafornia took over 3e continuity on the weekend of 23/24 March 2013. Multiple versions of this ident aired with different coloured backdrops. In-vision continuity also aired over the weekend.

3e Movember Ident 2013 © TV3 Group
Throughout November 2013 a special ident supporting Movember aired.

3e Adverts.ie Ident 2014 © TV3 Group
For a second time 3e launched a sponsorship ident, this time for Adverts.ie The ident aired in June 2014 and featured the ‘e’ transforming into a smartphone.

3e Orchard Thieves Ident © TV3 Group
An advert/ident for Orchard Thieves


3e Menu 2009 © TV3 Group

Trailer Graphics

3e Trailer Endboard 2009 © TV3 Group