BBC One: 2017 Miscellaneous Presentation

BBC One unveiled new idents on 1 January 2017. The new look is based on the theme of ‘Oneness’ with people from around the UK coming together. The idents feature groups of people taking part in an activity briefly pausing for a photograph to be taken. The idents were created by BBC Creative and directed by Martin Parr an award winning British photographer. Initially, only two scenes of idents were introduced and were widely criticised by BBC viewers and TV presentation enthusiasts. Throughout 2017 more idents were introduced and earlier idents were aired sparingly.

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BBC One Cavers, Wemyss Sting 2017 © BBC

BBC One Night Kayakers, Killyleagh Sting 2017 © BBC


BBC One Next 2017 © BBC


BBC One Menu 2017 © BBC

Trailer Graphics

BBC One Trailer Graphics 2017 © BBC

End Credit Promotions

BBC One ECP 2017 © BBC

BBC One ECP 2017 © BBC