BBC Two: Christmas 2013 & 2014 Idents & Presentation

BBC Two updated its 2011 Christmas idents in 2013 with a few minior edits for HD viewing. The presentation was reused for Christmas 2014.

Turkeys ident © BBC

Laughing Snowman ident © BBC

Inventor ident © BBC

Sun and Moon ident © BBC

Vintage ident : This Christmas ident, which was first used in 1998, was brought back in 2014 to introduce “classic” and old programming. © BBC

Local idents

Short ident : This ident was used only by BBC Two Northern Ireland when introducing programmes like Newsnight and coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death unlike the Network who used the idents used throughout the year. © BBC

Bright trail © BBC

Trailer Endboard BBC Scotland © BBC

Dark trail © BBC



Northern Ireland ECP © BBC

Sign Zone slide © BBC