TruTV: 2014 Idents & Presentation

Tru TV UK launched on 4 August 2014. The channel uses the same logo as the original US channel with the exception of the circle ‘TV’ icon being yellow. Presentation is based around 3 colours Green Purple and Blue. The yellow circle interacts with the colours in idents, menus and trailer end boards in a similar fashion to Comedy Central UK’s red square introduced in Spring 2011. ‘Now Next and Later’ menus are used during the daytime schedule. During prime time an ident is used and is often preceded by a ‘tonight’ menu. Three stings are used on the channel (Green, Purple and Blue).

Ident © Time Warner

Now, Next and Later © Time Warner

Tonight Menu © Time Warner

Stings © Time Warner (Purple sting, So Blue sting and So Green sting)

Trailer Endboard © Time Warner

Channel Launch Promo © Time Warner