Virgin Media One Idents & Presentation

Virgin Media One is the flagship channel of the privately owned Virgin Media Television. The channel launched on 20 September 1998 as TV3 becoming the country’s first commercial broadcaster.

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Virgin Media One Current Idents & Presentation

At 7am on Thursday 30 August 2018, TV3 was rebranded to Virgin Media One.

TV3 2018 Idents & Presentation

In August 2018, TV3 introduced new idents to promote its name change to Virgin Media One in September 2018. The new idents use slow-motion footage from the Virgin Media Television launch promo. After the live-action footage the TV3 slow spins to reveal the new Virgin Media One logo and text explaining the name change and launch date.

TV3 2017 Idents & Presentation

A new look for TV3 and 3e launched on Monday 9th January 2017. A new TV3 logo was introduced to mark the broadcasters move to a three channel broadcaster with the launch of female orientated channel Be3.

TV3 News 2017 Graphics & Presentation

TV3 News launched a brand new state of the art news studio on Monday 4 September 2017. The new studio was accomanied by new graphics and and a theme tune update.

TV3 2015 to 2017 Idents Presentation

TV3 launched new on air presentation on 7 January 2015 at 7am. The new look co-insides with the launch of the channels new Irish soap ‘Red Rock’ which launched the same day at 20:30. The new look features the channels new slogan ‘We Entertain’. Only one ident was launched featuring a neon 3 located in an empty studio. A matching sting and programme menu were also launched.

TV3 2011 Idents Presentation

In August 2011, TV3 launched a new presentation package. This being the third presentation package designed by Image Now for TV3 commissioned by TV3’s former Head of Press and Publicity Teresa Murray. Originally set to launch in February 2011, the new look was pushed back to August to coincide with the new autumn season. Each ident features something different on the TV3 logo, from an entire city to butterflies.

TV3 2009 Idents Presentation

A new look TV3 was introduced in August 2009. At launch two new idents were introduced with more being added in the following months. The new look was commsioned by TV3’s Teresa Murray and created by Dublin based graphic design agency Image Now. Each ident is based in an everyday location with the TV3 logo as an everyday object. The footage for the idents was sourced from Getty Images and the soundtracks were created by Echolab. All miscellaneous graphics from the January 2009 re brand were retained.

Virgin Media One Christmas Idents & Presentation

Christmas preentation from 2018 onwards.

TV3 Christmas Idents Presentation

Christmas preesntation from the TV3 era.